WS_FTP Instructions for accessing your space on


Using FTP Tool via Windows/Windows 95 on a PC

If you are using a PC (personal computer of the IBM type), you will most likely be running a windows program and will be connected to the Internet via a PPP connection you have with your ISP.

There are two most common widowing systems for PC's right now and those are Windows and Windows 95 from Microsoft. WS_FTP (Winsock FTP) is the most common tool you will use to ftp via these windowing systems. Windows 95 also gives you the ability to ftp via a DOS Window using the unix ftp command described earlier for shell accounts.

When using WS_FTP, you will want to fill in the fields in the Session Profile window as follows:

		Host_Type:  UNIX (standard)
	        User_ID:    {your_login_name}
		Password:   {your_passwd_for_your_art.net_account}
	        Account:    {leave_blank}

		Initial Directories: 

		Remote_Host: {leave_blank}
		Local_PC:    {leave_blank}

Then press the OK button and you will be connected to

At that point you will see two subwindows in the WS_FTP tool window. The top on is for the directory of your local PC system and bottom one shows the files in your space on

You can transfer files from your local system to by clicking on the local files and then pressing the send button. This is called "uploading".

You can transfer files from your space on by clicking on the files located on (shown in the lower window of WS_FTP tool) and then pressing the Receive button. This is called "downloading".

Make sure you click on the binary button on the lower right hand corner of the tool if you are transfering images. HTML files should be transfered as "ASCII" so press the ASCII button for them.

To disconnect, just close the ftp tool.

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