Art.Net: Donations are Welcome...


Art.Net is operated as a not-for-profit organization and is currently maintained by the site webmaster and artist, Lile Elam and the other artists residing here. Each of the 450 artists on the site maintain their own spaces and help one another in working with this new medium we call the Internet. And new artists join our site every week.

We are looking for donations (for now these donations are not tax-exempt as we are not a non-profit at this time) from individuals and corporations who are excited about seeing fine art on the Internet. This funding helps us in offering this service to artists from around the world with our main focus of helping artists come up on the Internet.

Donations made via by assigning the payment to Donations can also be made payable to Art.Net and can be sent to our Post Office Address:

Art . Net
P.O. Box 1395
Menlo Park, CA

If you have questions, you can also reach us via phone @ 650.691.3696 and via email at

And if you have thoughts and ideas about how we could get additional funding, we love to receive those as well.

Thanks again for you interest in Art.Net (Art on the Net) and we hope you visit our site often.

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